Meet the Artisans

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Bishnu left Bhutan eight years ago to come to Louisville with her three children. “I love everything,” she said about her new life. Her specialty is knitting hats for Maya Collection.

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Bishnu Rai

Bishnu lived in a refugee camp in Nepal for 20 years. She has been in the U.S. for seven years.  “I was sick in the camps; now I’m well,” she said. She makes Christmas ornaments for Maya Collection.


Dil Maya

Every day Dilmaya Chaturman thanks God for bring her to America. In Nepal, Dilmaya followed the Buddhist faith. In Louisville, she asked friends, “Who is Jesus?” In time, she and her husband prayed to follow Jesus and were baptized. They have five children and now lead a church. Dilmaya said working with the Artisans is a “big blessing inside her heart.”



Krishna came from Bhutan 10 years ago. She loved being warm in winter and seeing snow the first time. She has three children. 



Mann came from Myanmar five years ago and loves the luxury of water, light and heat. She has four children and loves making tote bags for Maya Collection.



When Neine left her family in Nepal, she never thought they’d be together again. Now her sisters are moving to Louisville. She makes jewelry for Maya Collection.

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Phul Maya

Been here 6 years (came in 2012) from Bhutan. LG & E was a big surprise. Knits for Maya Collection.

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Purni Rai

Purni lived in a refugee camp in Bhutan for 20 years before coming to Louisville in 2008. She says it was a “hard life.” She has five grown children and five grandchildren. She says the U.S.A. is a good place. Her specialty is making Christmas ornaments.



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After years in a refugee camp, Tara came to the U.S. eight years ago. She loved learning to drive, making new friends and learning to speak English. She has one child and knits for Maya Collection.  



Leaving Nepal 10 years ago to come to Louisville, Yashoda now has two children. “Everything here is good. It’s a free country”  She learned how to sew in Nepal and now works with Maya Collection.


In Louisville four years this Thanksgiving, loves spending time with her four children. Heat in winter months was a big surprise she never imagined.

As an artisan, she makes wood and leather earrings.  



Kushima knits for Maya Collection. She came from Nepal nine years ago and has two children.



Electricity, heat and air conditioning was a shock when Mongali came from Nepal nine years ago.  She now has three children. “Nepal had nothing for us. We’re happy here. All of us work to eat.



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Purni Rai

Purni is mom to four grown children. She has been in the U.S. 10 years and says the best thing about life in Louisville in learning about Jesus. She makes jewelry for Maya Collection.  

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Ratna came from Bhutan nine years ago with her five children. She loves “everything” about living in the U.S.  

She makes Christmas ornaments for the Artisans.



Rupa learned English before she came from Nepal eight years ago.  “I love running water and electricity. I love opportunity.” Rupa makes bracelets, necklaces and earrings for Maya Collection.



Tilu and her two children came from Bhutan seven years ago. “All things are good here,” she says. Tilu makes scarfs, earrings and necklaces for Maya Collection.  

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Came here when 12 years old and has been here eight years. She has a baby. “I didn’t know English when I came,” she said. Her specialty is making earrings.