Giving Refugee Women The Ability to Create for Economic Opportunity!

Pictures above are of our artisans at work and projects where a laser has been used to engrave or cut out items to be used for our final products. We are currently paying for laser access in southern Indiana.

Maya Collection, an artisan cooperative established in 2009, has empowered over 45 Louisville refugee women to be independent artisans. As trained artisans, these women are now earning incomes to help support their families. Their handcrafted products have become so popular, that we can’t meet the demand. Our current fundraising campaign is called the ABILITY PROJECT, which will alleviate this problem. It will give our artisans the ability to create unique products, earn a steady income and become confident business women in our community. Maya Collection is seeking funds to purchase a laser engraving machine to give our artisans the ability to do this! Currently, we are renting time on the same laser that we are trying to purchase at a maker space in southern Indiana (paying a membership fee for one person). To allow all of our artisans access to the laser and to give them the ability to create and earn income for their families please consider supporting this project.

The laser engraving machine will:

  1. Automate part of the process which is very time consuming

  2. Keep our quality high

  3. Reduce our costs

  4. Allow lower skilled artisans to create more complex products

  5. Allow us to add more artisans (we have a waiting list)

  6. Keep MAYA Collection a sustainable business for years to come

In order to be efficient with our resources and the laser engraver, we are partnering with Refuge International on this project. Refuge International is a non-profit organization that empowers local churches to invest in the lives of refugees and immigrants. Our goal is to raise: $10,000. If you would like to invest in the lives of these women, their families, and the ones who will come, click here to go to our donation page on the Refuge International website. Your donation is tax deductible.